Clybourne Park: poster design

In designing the poster for Clybourne Park, it was my task to list the show's many accolades while also communicating certain aspects of the story itself. The play, which follows the history of one house in a neighborhood deeply affected by race relations, is both wickedly funny and profoundly unsettling, and I wanted to visualize both the dramatic and humorous aspects of the story in my design. The result is this, a sort of balancing act of colors, textures and type to convey the many different sides of this fierce, funny, and intelligent play.

Clybourne Park: digital design

Below are are some samples of digital graphics I created for e-mail and social media campaigns during the run of the show. The strongest part of this particular production was the dialogue, which was hard to convey using photographs alone, so I had fun with some pull-quotes from the script that hinted at the tension bubbling beneath each scene.


All production photos by Michael A. Eaddy