mr. burns, a post-electric play: poster design

To sum up this inventive, complex, and wonderfully weird show in the broadest terms possible: Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play is a story about what we will cling to at the end of the world. It boldly explores the idea that after an apocalypse, we might rebuild civilization with a new mythology based on our shared experience of pop culture (music, movies, and yes, The Simpsons). Mr. Burns, one of TV's favorite villains, plays a huge role in the ideas presented in this production, so I thought it only fair to feature him front and center on the poster, teasing the destruction he is capable of and his importance not only as a character but as the metaphor he becomes. 

mr. burns, a post-electric play: digital design

Below are samples of some of the graphics I created for e-mail and social media campaigns during the run of this show. The production value of Mr. Burns was incredible, and I was lucky to have so many vibrant, beautiful photos to work with when making these designs. For colors, it made sense to stick with the palette I started with, which was symbolic of much of the show's important imagery: the bright blue of electricity, the oranges and reds of fire, and the yellow of—what else—The Simpsons.

all production photos by michael a. eaddy